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 General Diving Activities in Cyprus
Cyprus Scuba diving may be performed for a variety of reasons, both personal and specialized. In most occasions diving occurs from sport diving, which is performed purely for pleasure and has a number of different technical academic  disciplines, such as cave diving, wreck diving, deep diving, underwater marine biology, Underwater Archeology, Scientific diving.  

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Marine Life In Cyprus
Cyprus flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life) of the coastal zone are influenced by the depth of the sea and available food resources. In this area, biodiversity is proportionately short with primary food sources such as planktonic fauna and flora being limited. Nevertheless, fairly extensive meadows (field of grasses) of the sea grass Posidonia oceanica and other species are found together with brown algae, especially along the western sector of the coast. Several species of red and green algae are also found. The sea grasses are crucial breeding and a source of food for a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates. The invertebrate fauna in Cyprus is also including a variety of mollusks, echinoderms and polychaetes (the largest group offshore). Other invertebrates, including sponges, bryozoans, and crustaceans are also found   Together with the vertebrates Cyprus coastal zone. its important ant to note that a number of species have migrated through the Suez Canal. where some of  Marine mammals have been documented.

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Learn to Dive in Cyprus
Scuba diving training in Cyprus can be learning from qualified diving instructors of CMAS. This is available in Cyprus Authorize diving centers, i.e. Hippocampus diving centre situated in Larnaca Marina Cyprus. And other related diving centers are approved to train, under the permission of the Cyprus Federation of underwater activities. It is recommended to contact the Cyprus National Underwater Federation to find out if a particular diving centre, or individual, holds a valid id certification card.

Cypriot Scuba Diving instructors 
Cyprus CMAS instructors are highly trained persons and many of them have been hired to execute missions such as deep diving, including civil engineering tasks, like underwater construction, seafloor examination and sample collections, commercial diving, technical diving, and scientific diving. Many of them have been hired to perform specific tasks, associated to marine activities, such as, the repair and survey of boats and ships, recovery of wrecks, and shipwrecks, Marine biology, Oceanography.  Diving Cypriot instructors are professionally involved to the training of scuba diving.